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4×4 Jam

4×4 Jam
July 6, 2010
Action, Racing
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PSPWorld Review: Jumping into the fray is 4×4 Jam from Invictus Games, a port from the iPhone. It might not be able to outlast those full fledged racing titles, but it does a respectable job of hanging in there, though at the expense of having a high price tag (for a Mini). As can be surmised by the first part of the name, 4×4 Jam is about off-road racing. You’ll be in for quite a rough ride, bouncing and spinning all over the place on eight different terrains. It takes some effort to simply even drive in a straight line. If you want to give yourself a case of motion sickness, try using the hood or cockpit view. Still, after some practice, it’s easy enough to get a hang of, especially after trying the different assist levels. There are basically two modes you can race in, Quick Race and Career Mode. Quick race lets you pick a map, race type, car, your opponents, and so forth. The catch is that when you first start the game, you only have one map, one race type (free roam, which just lets you drive around the map, actually, not a race) and one car. The rest have to be unlocked in career mode.
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